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Randy Veselka, President and CEO
Randy began his career in 1985 as owner and operator of Texas Electronic Surveillance Company, a security service specializing in corporate telecommunications systems and industrial closed circuit electronic systems. In 1986, the company was renamed Southwest Pay Telephone Systems, Inc. and began operating as a public payphone company. By 1994 he founded Southwest Pay Telephone Corporation which grew into a national payphone company with service in 32 states and over 2,500 locations, including large national merchants such as K-Mart, PetSmart and Circle K stores. In September 1998, Randy established Debit Technologies, Inc., a company offering card payment services. Today, Debit Technologies has evolved into DTI Credit and is one of the largest card payment servicers in the nation. DTI Credit serves mainly franchisees and large corporate clients in the fast food restaurant and movie theatre industries.
Ben Watson, National Director of Operations
Ben is a highly regarded operations manager within the card payments industry. Ben and his team of service support staff have a stellar reputation for providing the finest customer service to large and small merchant accounts throughout the country. Ben has worked with Randy for the past 24 years. His career began with managing telecom assets and equipment located at merchant(s) locations throughout the United States. Prior to working for DTI Credit, Ben served as manager of field service and technical support for V-Technologies, Inc., a Texas based public pay phone company. Currently, he is the National Director of Operations for DTI Credit. Ben is responsible for the company’s day-to-day operations. He also oversees all service personnel and field installations throughout the country and is responsible for Visa/MC rules compliance.
Mike Van Winkle, Director of Information Systems
Mike began his career as Manager of Retail Computer Services for Dyer Electronics, Inc. Mike has worked with Randy for the past 20 years. He developed and designed the web based operating system for DTI Credit as well as its database management systems. These systems are highly technical and have been proven to be outstanding in the card payments marketplace. Mike’s software designs for the DTI Online system are used daily by thousands of merchants to monitor their transaction detail and daily funding deposits. In addition, Mike is responsible for DTI Credit’s PCI security compliance for data risk and card security practices.
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